Three Ring Gorga/Moon Mayhem

THREE RING GORGA: In flashbacks, Bula regales the Zula Patrol with Gorga's back-story: Gorga and the Moon were performers in the circus, but they decided to quit their jobs and see the Universe. When the greedy Ringmaster came after Gorga, it was up to Bula and the Moon to team up and get their friend back. MOON MAYHEM: When Wizzy and Wigg visit Madame Luna (Dark Truder in disguise) who claims she can predict their future by reading the way that moons revolve around their planets. Madame Luna says Wizzy and Wigg must keep their friends indoors for a week or they will transform into Moon Zoombies. With the ZPers out of the way, Truder plans to take all the Solar System's moons and have them revolve around his asteroid base to form an impenetrable shield. Multo assures Wizzy and Wigg that no one can predict the future -- but the duo must learn the truth first hand. They get a little help from their friends, who expose Madame Luna as a fake by exposing "her" scientific ignorance about moons.

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