Jewish Educational Trade School: Jewish Education for the Real World

There are hundreds of charitable organizations across southern California that are making life better for the less fortunate. KCET's SoCal Cares puts the spotlight on non-profits whose good works often go unnoticed. These short segments air regularly on KCET. This segment of SoCal Cares features the good work of, Jewish Educational Trade School.

About Jewish Educational Trade School

Jewish Educational Trade School

The Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS) works to set students on an optimum course to becoming industrious and productive members of society, as well as proud and active members of the Jewish community. By creating a synthesis between Judaic and secular education - rather than seeing them as conflicting - JETS enables each student to thrive in accordance with their own unique interests, passions, and strengths. JETS' high school program, diverse range of choices in career training opportunities, interactive approach to Torah Studies, creative schedule of extracurricular activities, and low student-to-teacher ratio are all geared toward building each individual student's sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. By instilling confidence and engendering a sense of joy and enthusiasm for study and trade, JETS enables each student to make the most important discovery of all: himself!

  • Location: 16601 Rinaldi Street, Granada Hills, CA 91344
  • Phone: (818) 831-3000

  • Director: Rabbi Mayer Schmukler

To learn more about JETS, visit their website.

Image courtesy JETS
Image courtesy JETS


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