Exploring Compton's Agricultural Neighborhood, Richland Farms

Departures is KCET's oral history and interactive documentary project that thoroughly explores neighborhoods through the people that live there. So far, Venice, Chinatown, the L.A. River (a new version of it will launch soon) and Richland Farms in Compton have been extensively profiled.

Each Departures series could take weeks, if not months to experience. That's why here at SoCal Focus, we will take you through each neighborhood, one day at a time, starting with Richland Farms.

The above video, which was produced by Environmental Charter High School students involved in Departures' digital literacy program, gives a great overview of the exciting project that dives into what the news doesn't tell us about Compton: the people, the families, and the life in and around the agricultural pocket of Richland Farms.


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