Extremely Strong Winds Expected Tonight Across Region

Image: NWS
Image: NWS

The Santa Ana winds are making a big return tonight, the National Weather Service is warning. That means low humidities with rapid fire grown potential, 60 mph gusts in wind prone areas of valleys and coastal areas with 80 mph ones in some mountain areas, decreased temperatures and a lower snow level, perhaps between 3,500 to 4,000 feet.

A meteorologist Tuesday told KCET this could be the strongest wind event the region has seen in several years.

It will begin Wednesday evening, peaking later at night and continuing through Friday morning, followed by weaker winds until Saturday.

The graphic to the right shows expected wind patterns within the NWS' San Diego region, which reaches into the desert areas of San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The Los Angeles/Oxnard office did not release one, but the event is expected to also affect Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

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