Five SoCal Must-Reads: An Occupy Wall Street Ordinance & More

A view of the ocean on a drive between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles
A view of the ocean on a drive between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles


  • Los Angeles Times: A county public health report finds that "some nonsmoking apartments are as smoky as some bars."
  • California Watch: Hate-crimes motivated by sexual orientation in California significantly rose in 2010, according to recent statistics. Gay-friendly Palm Springs was no exception, seeing an increase from 3 incidents in 2009 to 14 in 2010.
  • San Bernardino Sun: Inland Empire city of Colton has passed an ordinance just in case an Occupy Wall Street protest develops within the city of 52,000 residents. The paper calls it the "anti-Occupy ordinance."
  • Santa Barbara Independent: Officials have nixed a $30,000 plan to study poverty throughout the county where close to 75,000 people, 18 percent of residents, are living below the federal poverty line.
  • Ventura County Star: The National Park Service will take control of Santa Rosa Island on January 1st. Zeke Barlow tells the story of the family that's preparing to move to the mainland and what's next for the 83-square-mile island.

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