Five SoCal Must-Reads: Big Ideas for San Diego & More

Detail of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A.

A big picture look at the region:

  • The Geezer Bandit, who has captured national attention for his numerous robberies in Southern California, robbed his 16th bank last week in San Luis Obispo. But this time, according to KSBY, he left a big clue: a day planner.

  • San Diego's mayor is entering his last year in office, and he has big plans for it. The four priorities are to give Balboa Park a makeover, to expand the San Diego Convention Center, to start the process of building a new Chargers stadium in downtown and to solve the city's structural deficit, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

  • In light of naming a new Navy ship after California's Cesar Chavez (and others), apparently a controversial decision, some politicians want answers and have directed the Navy to submit a report on how its vessels are named, says LA Times' Nation Now blog.

  • Two UC Santa Barbara researchers are studying the effects of wildfires on mental health. The Santa Barbara independent digs into the results released so far.

  • Can the Inland Empires's San Bernardino become "hip"? The city's economic development leaders says, according to The Sun, it's the way to go: "New urbanism is just like San Bernardino in 1900, where you lived in a house and the grocery store was downstairs, and the firehouse was across the street, and the laundromat was one block down," he said. "Everything was in walking distance or was at least convenient. That is new urbanism."

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Photo by Matt McGrath Photo via KCET's Southern California Flickr Pool.

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