Forest Service Warns Visitors Seeking Snowplay in Grapevine

Snow in the Mount Pinos area

When it snows, Mount Pinos in the Grapevine is one of Southern California's popular destinations for skiing and other winter recreation. But any such plans for this weekend might be hindered. Forest Service officials today advised travelers to postpone any trips to snowplay recreation areas in the Mount Pinos Ranger District.

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"The conditions in and around Frazier Park, and throughout the Mt. Pinos district, are likely to get worse before they get better," said district ranger Erik Van Walden. "We highly recommend that the public refrain from traveling up the mountain until we have a chance to clear the snow."

Even if it does not snow this weekend, the California Highway Patrol is planning on stopping visitors. "It's not going to be a fun trip," said Officer Ronald Padley. "We're going to be turning people around." He said travelers will be able to patronize businesses right off the freeway, but won't be able to access neighborhood roads unless they are a resident. The restrictions are likely to last through the weekend as county services are not scheduled to do any plowing over the weekend.

Three feet of snow fell in the area last week, and the National Weather Service is predicting another two feet over the next few days.

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