Home, Sweet Home

Home Is Where The Heart Lies
Home Is Where The Heart Lies

Where should we live?

If chosen by majority desire, we should live in houses that look very much like all the houses in all of suburban Los Angeles.

If chosen by the desires of urban planners, more of us should live in units stacked up closely.

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We can't have affordable housing without increases in density; we understand that. We can't achieve a lot of our social goals without density.

Presumably, people always prefer "a truly vital community," although it's unclear if people are willing to accept "congestion" as the way to get it.

The contrasting desires of people and planners confound the decisions that developers make, leading in recent years to significant swings in home construction.

What should we call home?

It could be a small house on a small lot, like mine, but in a distant, "greenfield" suburb at the farthest margin of Los Angeles. It could be an apartment block above a train station on a congested street.

Right now, it's hard to tell.

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