LAX to be Busiest U.S. Airport over Thanksgiving

Travelers wait in line at LAX | Photo by David McNew/Getty Images
Travelers wait in line at LAX | Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The news shouldn't be surprising, but it's a good reminder for travelers to plan ahead. Travel website Orbitz looked at its flight bookings for the top 50 U.S. airports and found that Los Angeles International Airport tops the list, switching spots with Chicago O'Hare, which held the title last year. Rounding out the top four is Orlando International, an airport that didn't even make the top ten in 2010, and San Francisco International.

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Not all is lost for California's busiest metros. Mineta San Jose International and John Wayne Airport in Orange County both made another list: The Top 10 Least Busy Thanksgiving Airports. Those two made the same list in 2010, but were also in the company of Oakland International, which apparently will be busier this year.

The two lists in full are below.

Busiest Airports for Thanksgiving 2011
1. Los Angeles International
2. Chicago O'Hare International
3. Orlando International
4. San Francisco International
5. Boston Logan International
6. New York LaGuardia
7. Denver International
8. John F. Kennedy International
9. Newark Liberty International
10. Seattle-Tacoma International

Top 10 Least Busy Thanksgiving Airports 2011
1. Mineta San Jose International
2. Kahului Airport
3. John Wayne Airport
4. Jacksonville International
5. Sacramento International
6. Palm Beach International
7. Bradley International
8. San Antonio International
9. Cleveland Hopkins International
10. Port Columbus International

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