Media Arts Preview: A Worldly Weekend

This week's media art features work from all over the map, from Colombia to Iran and Germany...

Colombian Animation
Friday, February 4
A terrific program titled Colombian Avant-Garde Animation will be showcased at the USC School of Cinematic Arts tonight, featuring powerful, surreal and haunting work by animation pioneers Carlos Santa and Cecilia Traslaviña, and two of their students, Diana Menestry and Juan Camilo González. The show starts at 7:00, and will include a panel discussion following the screening, as well as a reception.
Iranian Cinema
UCLA presents a celebration of Iranian Cinema, featuring new and classic Iranian films as part of the school's ongoing commitment to following trends within international cinema. On Friday, Tahmineh Milani's Payback screens at 7:00 p.m., followed on Saturday night by a discussion moderated by scholar Hamid Naficy titled Iranian Cinema Today: A Symposium; it will include filmmakers Tahmineh Milani, Alireza Davoodnejad and Reza Davoodnejadat, and will be followed by a screening of Davoodnejad's new film Salve. The program continues throughout the month of February.
Mola Salsa
Saturday, February 5
Artist David Ellis will show a new "motion painting," a process which documents a painting's emergence as captured via time-lapse photography, tonight at New Image Art Gallery. Ellis' work makes use of improvisation, and is linked to jazz, and his new project is titled "Animal," and was commissioned by Landmarks in Austin. The piece is part of a larger show that also includes 15 new works by Ellis on paper, all of which center on ideas related to animal spirits and transformation. The show, tilted "Mola Salsa," opens tonight, 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday, February 8
LA-based designer and artist Geoff Mcfetridge will speak at the Design Media Arts program at UCLA tonight at 6:00 p.m. Known for his powerful graphics, Mcfetridge's recent projects include design for the film Where the Wild Things Are, and the wallpaper, carpet and blankets for the Standard Hotel.

Machine Project's Basic Electronics for Artists starts tonight. Come learn about circuitry and its uses in art, and do some hands-on hacking. Sign up asap for the four part course.

Wednesday, February 9
The Goethe-Institut presents a program of shorts titled 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: A Short Film Evening of Love Disasters. The show is borrowed from interfilm Berlin's monthly program of shorts, and is timed to offset the giddy optimism of Valentine's Day with humorous, poetic and even ridiculous tales of love gone awry. The show starts at 7:00 p.m.

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