New iPhone App: On This Day in L.A. History

L.A.'s traffic problem is more than a century old
L.A.'s traffic problem is more than a century old

115 years ago today, the city of Los Angeles was gifted something that's very important to the residents of Los Angeles. It was 3,015 acres of land known today as Griffith Park (since then, it's expanded to over 4,000 acres).

That fun fact is thanks to On This Day in L.A., a new iPhone app from The Studio for Southern California History, which aims to document the region's history through a social and cultural perspective, a mission very similar to KCET's very own Departures (the app actually first launched in 2009 and was available for a few months, but was taken down by Apple until the studio uploaded a new one this week).

The Studio is part of a vast network of groups dedicated to our history and cultural preservation called L.A. as Subject, which highlighted the iPhone app this morning on its Facebook page. L.A. as Subject partners with KCET on a popular weekly series about history. So far, it's been a hit with Angeleños so it's safe to say this app will likely be a popular one, too.

The app can be downloaded here.

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