Amazing Southwest Scenery Captured in Time-Lapse Video

Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee has done it again. This week he published another time-lapse video of beautiful spots in the Southwest, including a handful of California spots.

Via Lee, here's a list of the scenes in the order they appear (state identification added editorially):

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1. Snow storm at the Wave (Arizona)

2. Dawn at Yei Bei Che, Monument Valley (Arizona)

3. Dawn at Lake Sabrina (California)

4. Dawn at South Lake (California)

5. Sunrise near Mt Tom (California)

6. Rolling fog in Yosemite National Park (California)

7. Sunrise over the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

8. Sunrise at the North Window, Monument Valley (Arizona/Utah)

9 & 10. The Wave (Arizona)

11. Upper Antelope Canyon (Arizona)

12. Rattle Snake Canyon (Arizona)

13 - 15. Lower Antelope Canyon (Arizona)

16 - 19. Fall colors near Bishop (California)

20. Vermillion Cliffs (Arizona/Utah)

21 - 23. Coyote Buttes North (Arizona)

24. Vermillion Cliffs (Arizona/Utah)

25. Second Wave (Arizona)

26 - 27. Vermillion Cliffs (Arizona/Utah)

28. Sunset at the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

29. Alstrom Point, Grand Staircase Escalante (Utah)

30. Lunar Eclipse of December 2011

31. Rattlesnake Canyon (Colorado)

32. Monument Valley (Arizona/Utah)

33 - 35. Vermillion Cliffs (Arizona/Utah)

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