Areas of Joshua Tree National Park Closed After Flash Floods

Flood Damage on Pinto Basin Road (Park Route 11) | Photo Courtesy National Park Service

That weather this morning in the California desert has caused widespread damage across the Coachella Valley. Not only are a number of region highways now closed, roads and campgrounds in Joshua Tree National Park were left damaged, prompting closures after an estimated three inches of rain fell.

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Damage at the Cottonwood Campground | Photo Courtesy National Park Service
Pinto Basin Road (Park Route 11) between the park's entrance off Interstate 10 to the White Tank Campground, about a 33-mile stretch (map), is closed until further notice due to extensive flood damage. Along the road, both the Cottonwood Visitor Center and adjoining campground are closed after flooding and portions being washed away, respectively, according to park officials.

All other portions of the park remain open to normal summer use, but officials are advising visitors to monitor weather reports for storm and flash flood warnings.

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