Despite Rain, Fire Danger Remains High in Sequoia National Forest

As fire crews fight the large Aspen Fire to the north, officials in Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument are still dealing with high fire danger conditions.

The storms that brought down hundreds of lightning strikes last week, igniting 19 small fires in the two Forest Service units, also brought rain, but it did not help much. "The rain was not widespread nor was it enough to lower the fire danger," said Denise Alonzo, a forest spokesperson. "Lightning caused fires can go undetected for days or weeks until forest materials dry enough to allow flames to spread to the surface.  There is a chance more fires could still be discovered in the coming weeks."

Therefore, fire restrictions -- no campfires or charcoal barbecues -- will be continued until the risk of wildfire has decreased. Alonzo urges visitors to call ahead to learn about conditions and to watch out for debris hazards caused by the storms.

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