Fallen Giant Sequoias Prompt Closure of Popular Trail

Photo Courtesy Sequoia National Forest

[Update: Watch video footage of the two trees falling here]

The popular Trail of 100 Giants in the southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains has lost a couple of its enormous trees. On Friday, two giant sequoias fell side by side, blocking a portion of the 1.3-mile meandering trail system. "Thankfully, there were no injuries," said Denise Alonzo, a spokesperson for the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument.

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A firefighter looks at the root wads of both trees | Photo Courtesy Sequoia National Forest

Officials have closed the trail until further notice as they clean up the debris and inspect the area for safety. Portions may open before the debris is fully cleared.

A number of groves in the southern portion of the forest, such as Freeman Creek Grove and Belknap Grove, remain open to the public. A map of all groves can be downloaded here.

Giant Sequoia National Monument was established by President Bill Clinton in 2000 when he stood under the trees of the Trail of 100 Giants to sign a proclamation. Despite its name, the grove is home to around 125 giant sequoias that exceed 10 feet in diameter. There are over 700 more at a smaller size.

[Update: Watch video footage of the two trees falling here]

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