Stand Up Paddleboarding to be Allowed at Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County

Stand up paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe

It's been a big year for Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County. First it was kayaks and canoes, then new cabins and now the latest water sport trend. County park officials today announced that they will allow stand up paddleboarders to finally enjoy the 3,100-acre lake starting Friday for a six-month trial.

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The sport, which has been making a comeback, is widely seen across Southern California from beaches to Big Bear Lake and over to the Kern River. Recreational access in the reservoir-lake has been limited due to state rules, but the county has been working through the bureaucracy to allow more opportunities. One rule that's still in place is a ban on swimming even if incidental contact--let's say you accidentally fall in--is okay.

County regulations for stand up paddleboarding will mirror those for kayaking and canoeing (.pdf). In addition to entry fees to the lake area, there is a $5 fee for a Quagga Mussel and other aquatic nuisance species inspection before placing a board on the water.

Update: Some have asked if rentals are available, which will not happen during the six-month trial period.

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