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Video: Watch Two Giant Sequoia Trees Fall to the Ground

On Friday, two giant sequoia trees fell over side by side, blocking a portion of the short, but popular, Trail of the 100 Giants in the southern Sierra-Nevada Mountains. No one was hurt, but a visitor happened to capture the last few seconds of the fall on video (two more videos below shows the above video in a vertical frame/slow motion and the tree right after it hit the ground).

"We were quite close to the tree, and the noise was getting louder and louder. And then we looked up and the tree was starting to fall and we had to run," German tourist Gerrit Panzner explained to the Visalia Times-Delta.

Why the trees fell is still unknown and will be investigated over the next few weeks. They are thought to be between 150 to 200 feet tall.

Officials for the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument are planning a public meeting at the Trail on Saturday, October 22nd at 10 a.m. to allow the public to see the downed trees and discuss restoration of the trail, which is about a 200 mile drive from Los Angeles.

See more photos of the fallen trees here.

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Videos courtesy of Gerrit Panzner; Rudolstadt Germany. Special thanks to Henry Cram for making the vertical version of the video.

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