A Story of Friendship and Second Chances in 'Standing Up, Falling Down,' Starring Ben Schwartz and Billy Crystal at the KCET Cinema Series

Director Matt Ratner makes his directorial debut with "Standing Up, Falling Down." After studying theater at Northwestern University, and spending several years working in politics at the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, Matt moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. He founded Tilted Windmill Productions, produced eight films, all of which received critical acclaim at the top film festivals. His first film as a producer was "Match" with actors Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard, and it premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

"Standing Up, Falling Down" marks Chris Mangano’s third film to have its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. He is currently in production for the thriller "Don’t Tell A Soul," which stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Fionn Whitehead, Mena Suvari and Rainn Wilson. Previous producing credits include: "Rhino for Gun Powder and Sky," "The Polka King," starring Jack Black, Jason Schwartzman and Jenny Slate, "Punching Henry," and "Match," starring Patrick Stewart, Matthew Lillard and Carla Gugino.

John Hermann is a Los Angeles based film producer, and has produced ten feature films including "Unsullied," "After the Reality," starring Matthew Morrison and Sarah Chalke, and most recently "Standing Up, Falling Down." Hermann was part of the producing team that created the feature film "Band of Robbers," directed by The Nee Brothers (Masters of the Universe). In addition to feature films, Hermann has produced commercials for clients such as Toyota, Lexus, Hugo Boss and Showtime Networks.

See event photos and listen to the Q&A from the screening below.

Host Pete Hammond poses with Matt Ratner, Chris Mangano and John Herman at the KCET Cinema Series Q&A session for their film "Standing Up, Falling Down."
Opening night of the Spring KCET Cinema Series at the ArcLight Cinemas with Pete Hammond and the filmmakers.
KCET Cinema Series host Pete Hammond moderated a Q&A session with director Matt Ratner and producers Chris Mangano and John Hermann for their film "Standing Up, Falling Down."
Lively Q&A following the screening with Pete Hammond, director Matt Ratner, and producers Chris Mangano and John Hermann.


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