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Summer of Space

This summer, celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with KCET’s “Summer of Space” with 20 new hours of out of this world programming.

Get an exclusive first look “Blue Sky Metropolis,” composed of four one-hour episodes that examine Southern California’s role in the history of aviation and aerospace. The documentary series explores untold story of the largest homegrown industry that has received only a fraction of the attention heaped upon the Hollywood entertainment business. Narrated by Emmy Award® winning actor Tony Goldwyn, "Blue Sky Metropolis" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. PT.

Relive the excitement of man’s first steps on the moon and the long journey it took to get there with such programs as a new five-part “Nova: The Planets” (premiering Sunday, July 28, 9 p.m. PT), “American Experience: Chasing the Moon” and more.

Stay tuned to KCET and check back often for upcoming programming dates. Stream the episodes on or the free PBS App.

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An image from Tom Lamb’s “Marks on the Land” series. | Courtesy of Jacques Garnier/The Legacy Project

Orange County’s Aviation Heritage Lives On in Art at Orange County Great Park

The legacy has of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro has endured largely through several aviation-related art exhibitions displayed in the Palm Court Arts Complex, which is part of the Orange County Great Park, where the marine base once stood.
Newborn stars peek out from beneath their natal blanket of dust in this dynamic image of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. | Flickr/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center/Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Built to Last: How JPL Missions Survive Deep Space

Scientists with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have performed long-distance tinkering on many projects, helping to extend the life of those probes and satellites many times beyond their original scheduled missions.
Tuskegee P-51 Mustang at the Palm Springs Air Museum | Wikimedia Commons/Jwissick

Six SoCal Aviation Hotspots and Where to Soar Like the Tuskegee Airmen

Here’s a quick tour of some of SoCal’s aviation museums and their unique offerings.
Griffith Observatory just after sunset. | Flickr/Pedro Szekely/Creative Commons

Getting an Eyeful of the Universe at Griffith Observatory

The longstanding relationship between Griffith Observatory and the Los Angeles Astronomical Society enables Angelenos of all walks of life to enjoy astronomy. 
MDRS Hab, rover and astronaut | Kavya Manyapu

My Son, the Martian

The Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, operated by The Mars Society and staffed by dedicated astronaut-volunteers, is dedicated to examining how humans may explore Mars. 
 Astronaut Thomas Stafford looks at a banner with Snoopy's image. | NASA

Astronaut Snoopy's 50-Plus Year History with NASA

Unknown to many, Snoopy has been working with NASA since the late 1950s, even before man first stepped on the moon. Space, as it turns out, is the final frontier — even for beagles.
The moon | NASA

Lunar Mysteries: Four Things We Still Don't Know About the Moon

Even though it's long been studied, visited by twelve astronauts and several robots, the moon remains a source of mystery. 
Panorama of the moon taken during mission Apollo 17. | Wikimedia Commons/NASA - Lunar and Planetary Institute

Operation Moon Rock: The Hunt for Lost Lunar Samples

In 1970, President Richard Nixon gave Apollo 11 lunar samples to 135 friendly countries and to every U.S. state and territory. 49 years later, many of those samples are unaccounted for.
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