U-Pick Persimmon Farms in California

Persimmons are one of the great things about being a Californian -- they seem so exotic to most of the rest of the country, but they're just a regular fruit for us. Although, we tend not to eat the varieties that are native to North America: California's most commonly found types are from China and Japan. Plus, we eat them fresh, whereas for centuries on this landmass they were only considered a food source when dried.

Persimmon trees can be found in the most random places around the state these days, but if you're after a whole bunch of them, head to one of our small farms where you can pick your own -- there aren't a lot, but they're fun! Bring some shears, and, as always, call first! The seasons can be unpredictable.

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Bar 2 Ranch
This San Diego County farm sells their u-pick persimmons for less than a dollar a pound, which is a great deal. They have an arts and crafts store on-site, too, and they're particularly welcoming to big groups of kids. Just -- you know the drill -- call first!

Murray Family Farms
This Bakersfield operation is more of a fully-executed tourist destination than the other persimmon farms listed here. The downside: more crowded, and kitschier. The upside: they have a wider variety of fruit available, and more persimmons than you can shake a stick at, as well as a store and kid-friendly activities like jam bands.

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