A Clarification: KCET and 'Citizen Koch'

At the time this was posted, a MoveOn.org petition to get KCET to air "Citizen Koch," a documentary on the Koch brothers and the extent of their influence, had gathered nearly 10,000 signatures. In light of this, KCET decided that the petition-signers could benefit from some clarification about the documentary, PBS and the prospect of the "Citizen Koch" airing on this station.

We have a petition signed by 10,000 people for you to air "Citizen Koch." When do you plan to put it on your broadcast schedule?

As an independent public television station, KCET is no longer part of the PBS network, and as such, the film was never offered to us for broadcast. We have not seen the film. When the filmmakers determine how the film will be distributed, we would be open to considering it for broadcast.

Previously we have offered documentaries that shed light on the issues surrounding the influence of corporate money on the media with, "Shadows of Liberty" by Jean-Philippe Tremblay as well as "Koch Brothers Exposed" from acclaimed director Robert Greenwald. To be able to continue to air films like these, we need your support. Please donate today.

By not airing this, KCET and PBS are allowing corporate influences to determine what you broadcast. How do you respond to this as a public media organization

KCET is no longer part of the PBS network, so PBS programming acquisitions and productions have no impact on KCET and our schedule. Since 2011, we are a non-profit independent public television station for Southern and Central California with a commitment to providing news, information and entertainment that reflects the diverse community it serves, and giving a voice to those who otherwise may go unheard. In the nearly 50 years we have served this region -- both as part of PBS and as an independent organization -- we have never wavered from this mandate.

As you may know, KCET recently merged with Link TV to form KCETLink, a national independent public transmedia network committed to delivering content that enriches lives and broadens perspectives from global independent sources that are not influenced by commercial interests. We provide stories and information you won't find in mainstream media. KCET and Link TV are services of KCETLink and maintain their distinct editorial voices.


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