A Trip to Port Wenn of 'Doc Martin': What Would You Ask Martin Clunes?

Barely over the jetlag from my vacation in Northern Ireland, I am heading overseas for a work assignment that's keeping me awake at nights in anticipation.

I'm about to produce a behind-the-scenes on "Doc Martin," the brilliant comedy starring Martin Clunes. The fifth season is about to wrap up production in Cornwall and the producers have granted two days for our shoot.

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While I am preparing questions for my interview with the star and cast of the series, I call on KCET viewers to share your questions below in the comments section. I'm not certain how much time I will have for my interview with Mr. Clunes, but I invite you to pose questions you'd like me to ask.

I'll be posting a diary throughout the trip over to Port Isaac, the village that plays Port Wenn in the show. I look forward to hearing from you soon (three days before I head over).

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