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'Arab Labor' Makes Season 4 Debut on KCET

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They're back! The Alian family -- namely Amjad -- is back to their old shenanigans in the newest and final season of "Arab Labor," which made its KCET debut on Friday.

New half-hour episodes air back-to-back Fridays at 10 and 10:30 p.m. Full episodes will also be streaming online indefinitely. New videos will be posted here weekly during the broadcast.

Amjad and Bushra discover that they're about to become parents for the third (unplanned) time in the season opener. Bushra is confined to bed rest, and Amjad finds himself torn between his pregnant wife, his family, and his new career as a political media consultant.

Later episodes find Amjad mistakenly joining the leaders of the "tent protesters" in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Meir and Amal go through financial hardships and are forced to move out of their comfortable apartment and move to East Jerusalem.

Click here to catch up on the last three seasons of the show and here to read recaps of season two.

Here are the episode descriptions for season four:

Episode 1

The season premiere finds Amjad unemployed and Bushra pregnant. Meanwhile, Meir's mother offers him rent money on the condition that his Muslim wife Amal converts to Judaism. In the end, Amjad and Meir inadvertently spark a protest movement.

Episode 2

Amjad uses his newfound status as an activist to become a media consultant, while Meir gets mistaken for a Zionist settler when stepping foot on occupied territory. Meanwhile, Bushra discovers a problem with her pregnancy and consequently has to rest under medical supervision.

Episode 3

Amjad is on his own at home after Bushra is admitted to the hospital. He has problems with his cleaning lady, but a new maid has a problem with him: she's afraid of Arabs.

Episode 4

A government agency hires Amjad to create a campaign that promotes the employment of Arab academics. An Arab gynecologist begins treating Bushra in the the hospital and Amjad becomes insanely jealous.

Episode 5

Amjad, his father, and Nathan buy a lottery ticket together on a hunch, since Amjad's dreams are starting to come true. After the lottery, they're each convinced that they won but others lied and stole the prize money.

Episode 6

After having a nice picnic in the Jerusalem forest, Amjad finds out he might have accidentally started a fire in the exact same spot. Meir faces rowdy activists who want to avenge the burning of the forest.

Episode 7

Amjad hires a woman to prepare a new room for his soon-to-be-born child but he is blamed when the woman disappears.

Episode 8

Amjad joins a gym and the other gym patrons mistakenly believe he belongs to an elite army unit that also trains there.

Episode 9

Maya complicates Amjad's life when her mother is in the hospital. Amjad opens a Facebook account, which leads him to have a virtual affair with another woman.

Episode 10

In the season four finale, there are complications during the birth of the twins. Amid these troubles, a new neighbor does everything he can to make Amjad leave. Amjad decides to wage war on the entire building.

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