BBC's Mike Embley is back

One of the many things we love about KCET viewers is your passion. Sometimes that turns into to rallying cries about what you like and what doesn't still well with you too.BBC World News devotees took to tweets, emails and phone calls. We read and listened to every one of you. And we hear you loud and clear. We missed Mike Embley too.

Mike Embley

Starting Monday, January 17, BBC World News returns to KCET at 5:00 pm.
NHK Newsline follows at 5:30 pm.
And Globe Trekker moves to 6:00 pm.Just as I was posting this blog, Mike sent this message for KCET viewers."Great to hear that BBC World News is back on KCET at 5pm in SoCal (see, sometimes we English CAN speak American). Thanks for having us! And now I have a positive answer to those 4am (London time) Tweets from LA and thereabouts, asking where I've gone. ("Home to bed" may have been the right answer but it never felt very polite.) There are some extraordinary stories moving right now, around the world. We'll bring you the latest, as ever, from our people right on the spot."


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