Beginning Thursday, Sept. 5, It's Bad Martin / Good Martin

"Doc Martin" continues to be one of the most popular series on KCET, but starting September 5, we have good news for viewers who can't get enough of series star Martin Clunes: We're airing the second season of "William & Mary"! The ITV sitcom shows a different side of Clunes. He's not a grumpy town physician but a romantic guy who finds new love with Mary (Julia Graham). She's a midwife. He's an undertaker. Somehow they make it work.

(In case you didn't catch KCET's airing of the first season of "William & Mary," catch up with our synopsis here.)

Check out the schedule for KCET's new Bad Martin/Good Martin Thursdays!

Thursday, Sept. 5

8PM: Doc Martin (episode: "The Departed")

8:46PM: William & Mary (#201)

9:35PM: Produced by George Martin

10:40PM: Girls of Daraja

Thursday, Sept. 12

8PM: Doc Martin ("Midwife Crisis")

8:46PM: William & Mary (#202)

9:33PM: Amy Winehouse at Her Best: When Amy Came to Dingle

Thursday, Sept. 19

8PM: Doc Martin ("Do Not Disturb")

8:46PM: William & Mary (#203)

9:34PM: Live @ The Ford (The Angel City Jazz Festival)

10:30PM: City Walk

Sept. 26

8PM: Doc Martin ("The Wrong Goodbye")

8:47PM: William & Mary (#204)

9:35PM: Lindsey Buckingham -- Songs from the Small Machine

Oct. 3, 2013

8PM: Doc Martin ("Preserve the Romance")

8:47PM: William & Mary (#205)

9:35PM: Artbound


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