'Borgen' Season 3 Premieres on KCET

The Danes are coming. And they're bringing new episodes with them.

Tune in Friday, Oct. 4, at 10PM for the U.S. premiere of the third season of the Danish drama "Borgen." It's the first time that the third season has ever been broadcast for an English-speaking audience, and you can only watch this season on KCET and LinkTV. Should you be excited? That's an emphatic ja. This is the show that The Daily Beast called "the best TV show you've never seen," and fans of high-quality television all over the world have been eagerly anticipating the final season.

We'll be streaming the season premiere online immediately after the episode airs on TV, and then we're re-airing it again on KCET on Monday at 10PM.

Not quite ready for Season 3? We've got you covered:



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