Bring the Dodo Back to Life... By Coloring It In


Tonight's episode of "Primeval" features not a dinosaur but an animal that's perhaps even more iconic of extinction: the dodo bird. (Click here to read all about what the dodo was like back when it existed.) But KCET is offering viewers young and old a chance to put a little bit of life back in dodo -- specifically through the magic of color crayons.

Yep, the above illustration of a dodo -- provided by Mr. Henry Cram, accomplished artist, noted cheesemonger and amateur ornithologist -- can be printed out for the use and enjoyment of anyone who likes to color. (Click here to get to the printable, color crayon-ready version.) And we'd even be curious to see what bold directions you all take it in, so feel free to submit your colored dodos to us by posting them at facebook.com/kcet28, tweeting it to @kcet or just mailing it in to 2900 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 600, Burbank, CA, 91505.

Good luck! Color away! Long live the dodo!

Download the dodo in PDF form here.


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