Catch Up on Season One of 'Borgen' -- Marathon Launches Sunday, July 21


Get ready for SmorgasBorgen!

Fans who can't get enough of internationally acclaimed Danish political series "Borgen" have another opportunity to watch season one in its entirety both online and on the air. In anticipation of the season two premiere of Borgen on Friday, July 26 at 10 p.m., KCET will be airing all the season one episodes from July 21-25, nightly at 10 p.m. Each episode will also be streamed online for two weeks following its broadcast date. Just click the links below after the episode has aired, and you'll see the video, ready to be played.

New to the show? Get everything you need to know to get started on the first episode by reading our "Borgen" FAQ here. Or watch the trailer below to get a sense about what the show is all about:




Episode 1: Decency in the Middle
Airing Sunday, July 21 @ 10PM, streaming online July 21-August 4

The final countdown toward election day is full of surprises on multiple fronts as Denmark prepares for parliamentary elections. Birgitte Nyborg, facing her first election as party leader, decides at the last minute to head in her own direction -- the question is: Will voters reward or punish her for this change of course? Likewise, Birgitte's press advisor Kasper Juul and TV-journalist Katrine Fønsmark are each in their own way thrown off track in this super-professional, super-competitive race.

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Episode 2: Count to 90
Airing Sunday, July 21 @ 11PM, streaming online July 21-August 4

Birgitte Nyborg is undeniably the winner of the election, doubling her party's seats in parliament. Focus now turns to the negotiation of alliances and the forming of a new government. Turbulence, toil, and surprises ensue, and Birgitte's election-win begins to look more like a loss. Katrine is going through hell, but continues her dedication to her work. In addition to losing his job, Kasper is losing his grip. And in the middle of all the commotion, Ole Dahl's funeral takes a strange turn.

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Episode 3: The Art of the Possible
Airing Monday, July 22 @ 10PM, streaming online July 22-August 5

After only a few short months as prime minister, Birgitte Nyborg has negotiated her first finance bill into place. But before the final ratification, several members of parliament withdraw their support. Meanwhile, Michael Laugesen is in a new position to go at her tooth and nail. Privately, Birgitte lets her family down on more than one occasion. And while Kasper finds a new job, Katrine is still extremely vulnerable as she experiences yet another shock.

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Episode 4: 100 Days
Airing Monday, July 22 @ 11PM, streaming online July 22-August 5

Katrine Fønsmark gets the scoop of her life when an anonymous source contacts her with important security policy information. The pressure is on Birgitte Nyborg to shut up the case -- will she succumb or decide to go her own way? In the process, Katrine finds herself in some intense situations and runs into problems with her boss -- but in the middle of the turmoil, help appears from an unexpected angle.

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Episode 5: Men Who Love Women
Airing Tuesday, July 23 @ 10PM, streaming online July 23-August 6

Birgitte puts forth a proposal for gender quotas on Danish companies' boards of directors. The proposal meets resistance both in and out of government -- and the country's most powerful businessman gives Birgitte an ultimatum that could have serious consequences. Meanwhile, Katrine turns down an offer of help to take better care of herself, and Kasper gets into a muddle with the ladies.

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Episode 6: State Visit
Airing Tuesday, July 23 @ 11PM, streaming online July 23-August 6

Birgitte faces her first state visit, as the president of the former Soviet republic, Turgisia, is coming on official business that just might fuel the export of Danish wind-energy technology. The simultaneous arrival in Denmark of a renowned Turgisian dissident places Birgitte in the middle of a significant, escalating conflict. But this is not the only front on which Birgitte faces problems. Furthermore, both Katrine and Kasper encounter resistance in their personal lives as well.

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Episode 7: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Airing Wednesday, July 24 @ 10PM, streaming online July 24-August 7

When surveillance equipment is found in the offices of an extreme left-wing political party, it looks like the work of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service -- but why? Illegal monitoring of a legal political party is a serious offense. Meanwhile, Birgitte's home life suffers from her absence. And Katrine, who has otherwise been in good spirits, must make a difficult decision.

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Episode 8: The Silly Season
Airing Wednesday, July 24 @ 11PM, streaming online July 24-August 7

It is summer, and not much is going on in Parliament. That is, until Michael Laugesen announces that he has written a book -- to be released in a few days -- containing disclosures of all sorts from his years in politics. Meanwhile, Kasper is forced to deal with his past, which he has fought hard to put behind him. When Birgitte realizes she must make an effort to win back her family life, she spontaneously plans a holiday for the whole family.

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Episode 9: Divide and Rule
Airing Thursday, July 25 at 10PM, streaming online July 25-August 8

Though Birgitte is surprised at the Defence Minister's choice of new fighter jets, she allows him to make public the decision on the government's behalf. When unpleasant surprises surface in the wake of the big plane purchase, the media launch an offensive against members of Parliament. Meanwhile, Birgitte becomes more controlling both at work and at home, costing her dearly. Katrine is on her toes, but runs into problems with her boss when she acts too arbitrarily.

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Episode 10: The First Tuesday in October
Airing Thursday, July 25 at 11PM, streaming online July 25-August 8

Birgitte is hard-pressed in the opinion polls leading up to the start of a new year in Parliament while the Labor Party is picking up headway and clamoring for more influence.

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Friday night at 10 p.m., the second season of "Borgen" begins with the episode "89,000."


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