Color in This Dinosaur!


This week's episode of "Primeval" reminds you that dinosaurs didn't just rule the land and sea: They flew, too. And in case you have any young "Primeval" fans at home -- or in case you have a set of color crayons that have been criminally underused -- KCET has chosen one of them to be this week's color-in-able dinosaur of the week!

Meet the Anurognathus, a pint-sized but nonetheless fearsome flying dino who debuts in the fifth episode of "Primeval." (Learn about the actual research behind this dinosaur as well as another flying dinosaur, the Pteranodon, here.) And while we'll never get a chance to meet a real-life Anurognathus, barring any time anomalies, we can at least offer it him a chance to shine once again by coloring him in. (Click here to get to the printable, color crayon-ready version.) And we'd even be curious to see what bold directions you all take it in, so feel free to submit your colored dodos to us by posting them at facebook.com/kcet28, tweeting it to @kcet or just mailing it in to 2900 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 600, Burbank, CA, 91505.

So please, color away! Long live the Anurognathus!

Download the Anurognathus in PDF form here.


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