'Doc Martin' Goes Back to the Beginning


Check that banner image up above. Before you started watching "Doc Martin," would you have guessed that this would be the face of a character you'd come to love? And if you haven't starting watching "Doc Martin" already, would you believe that so many people -- on both sides of the pond, no less -- have invested their time in the life of a grumpy, fish-out-of-water surgeon who can't stand the sight of blood?

Well, "Doc Martin" fans and newbies alike have a chance to experience the show from the very beginning. Following the airing of "Ever After," the final episode of the show's fifth season this Thursday, KCET will be looping back around with the first episode of the show, "Going Bodmin," on Thursday, May 31. So what does this mean for you, the KCET viewer? A few things:

  • First, no worries -- you're not going to be without your weekly installment of "Doc Martin."
  • Second, in case you've been going on and on about the happenings in Portwenn and your friends don't know what you're talking about, now is their chance to experience "Doc Martin" from the very beginning.
  • Third, keep checking KCET.org and the our "Doc Martin" hub in particular, because we'll be posting weekly recaps of every episode, giving you a chance to share your thoughts on the series, and finding fun info about the show, the stars and the characters.
  • Fourth, you have one more week to enter our raffle for a free "Doc Martin" coffee mug. To enter, simply hop on over to this post on KCET's Facebook page and tell us what your favorite moment from the fifth season has been.

So get excited to find out how Season Five will wrap up -- Thursday, May 24 at 8 p.m. on KCET -- to return to Portwenn the following Thursday. And as for the future of this show? Well, there's always Season Six on the horizon...

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