FAQ: Al-Jazeera English and the Future of World News on KCET

Is KCET still offering "Al-Jazeera English" on its news line-up?

No. Beginning Aug. 5, 2013, KCET will not be airing Al Jazeera English anymore. KCET was notified by Al Jazeera America that the AJE feed would no longer be available to any clients in the continental U.S. We were one of the first distributors of Al Jazeera content in North America. We have valued Al Jazeera's partnership over the past three years and wish them success.

Why did they discontinue the feed and where can I find "Al-Jazeera English" now?

Upon acquiring Current TV, Al Jazeera has a new distribution strategy in North America which does not include KCETLink or any other American distributor. Al Jazeera America is launching its own American news channel. For more information, please visit www.aljazeera.com.

What news program will replace "Al-Jazeera English" on your channel?

We are proud to offer a strong international news block from 4-7 p.m. every weeknight, which includes BBC, NHK and Nightly Business Report, Deutsche Welle (Germany) and France 24 (France). You can also download our cutting edge Link TV World News mobile app. Funded by the Bertha Foundation, the free app culls content from more than 125 video news outlets, eyewitnesses on the ground, and more than 50,000 global news sources.

What is France 24?

France 24 is leading 24/7 global news authority based in France with more than 1,000 correspondents covering news worldwide, including France, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Offering a diversity of opinion, debate and viewpoints, the channel is available in its different languages on the main satellite positions and commercial feeds (satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile).

Why don't you have any news from the Middle East?

We were not able to identify a news program from that region of the world on par with the quality and caliber of coverage we would choose to put on our air. KCET recognizes the importance of presenting the latest news and information coming from the dynamic Middle East, and assure you that our world news line-up delivers the latest news from that region presented by multiple leading broadcasters on our international news block. That said, we will continue to search for a suitable news source that is based in the Middle East.

Why didn't we replace VeMe with NHK instead of MHz?

As a public television station for the Southern California market, it's our mission to serve the distinct needs of our culturally diverse community. The Latino community represents significant Spanish-speaking viewership who greatly benefit from a Spanish language channel that can provide quality cultural, educational entertainment addressing key issues and topics that resonate with their lives. Additionally, from a business standpoint, KCET is currently under contract with VeMe.

But I'm really going to miss the programming. Why are you taking it away from me?

We can appreciate that you value the programs MHz offers. We are looking at possible ways in which we can work some of the those into our schedule and we'll keep you posted on how that progresses.


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