FAQ: The 'Borgen' Season Two Marathon!


Looking for streaming episodes of 'Borgen' online? Click here.

Smorgasborgen is back, and it's as Danish as ever! Yes, we're re-airing all ten episodes of the most recent season of "Borgen" again. Here's everything you need to know.

When does the marathon start?

Smorgasborgen returns this Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10PM! That's when we're airing the first episode of the second season, "89,000 Children." Immediately following that, we're airing the next episode, "In Brussels No One Can Hear Your Scream." And then on Monday we'll air the next two episodes in a similar fashion. The marathon concludes with episode 20, "An Extraordinary Remark," which airs at 11PM on Thursday, Oct. 3.

On what channel are the episodes airing?

Not your regular KCET-HD channel, actually, but on KCETLink, our digital channel that's broadcast over the air 28.2. (Get more info on KCET's three digital channels here.) This channel is found in different places, depending on where you live and how you get your TV. If you need help finding it, we have a handy page that tells you based on your ZIP code.

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They're on kind of late for a show that has so many subtitles.

Yeah, we get that. But you can either set your DVR to record them or watch them online, as we'll be streaming each of the season two episodes online like we did for the season one episodes.

Where can I find the season two episodes streaming online?

Click here to see all the season two episodes as well as when they'll be available to stream online.

Why do you only stream 'Borgen' episodes for two weeks?

Those are just the terms the agreement that allows KCETLink to air "Borgen" in the U.S. -- each episode can stream online for two weeks after it airs on TV.

When does the third season start?

On October 4, KCET airs "In Denmark I Was Born," the 21st episode and the first episode of the third season. But be forewarned, reading the episode description will spoil the end of the second season if you haven't seen it yet.

Same goes for the third season trailer: spoilers abound!






I didn't watch the first season. How can I catch up?

While we're not currently streaming those episodes online, we have extensive recaps for all twenty of the episodes we've aired so far. There's also an extensive character guide that will get you up to speed on all the "Borgen" characters through the end oft he season season, but again, click with caution: You will get some major reveals spoiled for you if you read the guide without having seen the end of the second season.

Is all that catch-up worth it?

Well, there is no shortage of critics and TV nuts raving about how great "Borgen" is. We say yes.

You know what would be cool? A "Borgen" drinking game for all the raucous "Borgen" viewing parties I throw.

Yeah, we've got that covered.

Am I the only one who occasionally thinks that Birgitte bears the slightest resemblance to Pam from "The Office"?

No, you're not. We see it too, here and there.




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