Five New Shows Coming to KCET!

Jean-Michel Cousteau, host of the new KCET series 'Ocean Alive.'
We here at KCET are excited to announce a new slate of shows resulting from our partnership with Eyetronics Media and Studios! The five original series (which are still in the working title phase) include: "Ocean Alive," "Department of State," "Classic Cool Theatre," "California Game Changers" and "Retrostory?¢."

"Ocean Alive" follows host and ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of iconic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau) as he guides celebrities and public figures to breathtaking locations to explore the area's dynamic marine life and discuss ways to protect our waters. This new show combines the beauty of Southern California and the glamour of Hollywood with the powerful message of conservation.

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"I am pleased to explore and share in depth the beauty and power of Southern California's waters, a microcosm of the global ocean in its stunning beauty and richness, but also at the brink of being overpowered," said Cousteau. "The problems and the solutions are offshore and we will explore them."

With each segment, viewers will discover new ways to protect the natural integrity of the planet. "We want to reconnect the ocean with everyone under its influence, and that is all of us," said Cousteau. "We want to remind people that connecting with the sea and with nature is not only vital, it's fun." He will also explain some of the cutting-edge research being conducted through his Ocean Futures Society, a marine conservation and education organization he founded in 1999.

In "Department of State," A rotating group of global media correspondents will lead intriguing weekly half-hour conversations and analysis with former public figures and decision-makers about world news of the day. Viewers will experience and understand world events in a new, different and a more immediate way.

Recognized worldwide as a land of sunshine and opportunity, California represents a lifestyle defined by surfing, yoga and Hollywood red carpets. "California Game Changers" takes a look at the scores of pioneers who took advantage of all California has to offer and made a mark on the state's iconic landscape. Merging the science and the style; the technology, innovation and entertainment of California, this half-hour weekly program explores those only-in-California industries, innovators and inventions.

The new film series "Classic Cool Theatre" will take viewers on a cinematic journey into classic Hollywood and bring the nostalgia, drama and style of vintage Hollywood into their homes. In addition, the series will be enriched with the best of classic international films that impacted the 20th century. Each week, the series spotlights a different classic movie, beginning with a visit to the dark, visually distinctive period of Film Noir with the 1945 classic "Detour."

The new bi-weekly documentary series, "Retrostory?¢," inspires and educates viewers with the remarkable stories of the 20th Century through a Southern California lens. Covering the era's greatest struggles and accomplishments, viewers will learn about social phenomena, influential political and entertainment figures and other revolutionary advancements that transformed The Southland and the world throughout the 1900s.

"Classic Cool Theatre" and "Retrostory?¢" will incorporate assets from Eyetronics' expansive digital library of films, rare footage, newsreels, cartoons, serials, documentaries, TV movies and series.

Dominique Bigle, Eyetronics CEO and President
About Eyetronics Media & Studios:
Based in Encino, Calif. and spearheaded by Dominique Bigle, son of the legendary Walt Disney Europe co-founder Armand Bigle and a veteran television executive, Eyetronics Media & Studios is an industry-acclaimed producer, distributor and visual effects studio. The company has served national and international clients with high quality 3D scanning services and animation-ready models for the film, television, video game and commercial advertising industries. In addition, the company has recently established an in-house production and distribution unit, for the purpose of launching Classic Cool?¢, a retro-programming franchise that celebrates the best in films, television and newsreels from the Twentieth Century. Visit Eyetronics.com or ClassicCool.tv for more info.

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