Huell Howser and the Junebug Lady


The previous posts in our "Retro Huell" series have usually involved Huell Howser interviewing someone who was famous at the time they talked. This post is no exception -- in the intro, Huell himself says that she became a television sensation in Nashville circa 1978 -- but you likely haven't heard of her. She's the Junebug Lady. She got that name because her home was besieged by junebugs. Yes, it's a very "California's Gold"-esque clip before "California's Gold" was a thing.

There are two good reasons to watch this video. For one, the Junebug Lady has a charming accent, the likes of which you don't often hear in Southern California. I wish I could pronounce "porch" the way she does, but I don't think you can if you're born in California. It's almost like her accent empowers Huell's own Tennessee twang to mighty new levels. Secondly, the video also features about a full minute of Huell and the Junebug Lady scampering around a field, trying to catch the bugs. You maybe didn't wake up today saying, "Gee, it would sure make me life better if I saw Huell Howser trying to catch bugs," but it really will. You have no idea.

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A highlight: The Junebug Lady telling Huell, "Really, I thought of [calling] no one but you, because I admire you for some reason. Every night I look at you when you're on. I just get a kick out of you, with all these stories you bring along." True words from the Junebug Lady.

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