Huell Howser Liked to Jog


Yes, what you're seeing at the top is, in fact, Huell Howser on a jetski. For at least some of you, this is a dream finally realized. It's not especially indicative of this week's Retro Huell post, I guess, but it's hard to figure out what would be. It centers around jogging, more or less, but it's... um, a little more eclectic than we're used to. Here, a bulleted list of the clip's contents should illustrate this point fairly well.

  • Huell rolls around in a wheelchair for a week to understand what it's like to be disabled.
  • Huell rides Barbara Mandrell's jetski (pictured).
  • Huell and some boys from a Vanderbilt fraternity slather themselves in mud.
  • Huell jogs with Willie Nelson through Nashville.
  • Huell discusses jogging with Leslee "Honey" Alexander, wife to then-Tennessee governor Lamar Alexander and her bodyguard, the weirdly Huell Howser-sounding Hugh Hayes.
  • Huell jogs with Honey Alexander despite her being seven months pregnant.
  • Huell discusses jogging with Dolly Parton.


That's it. That's the whole clip. But even though I just told you everything that happens in the clip, I really didn't give anything away. It's worth the few minutes it takes to watch. These clips make for an interesting peek into Huell's past -- and the kind of weird adventures you end up taking when you're a TV host.


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For what it's worth, Huell always looks like he's loving every minute of what he's doing. That counts for something, I think.


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