I'm in Love Again. Truly.

Fine Cut
There. I said it.

I thought last year's FINE CUT series was the best ever.
Little did I expect that after a year long romance, sixteen new short films from some of the leading film schools in the world (which just happen to be in Southern California) would melt my heart.

This year's FINE CUT winners made me laugh, some made me cry, others provoked me. All of them dazzled me and I hope you'll feel the same way too when you see them.

Watch the 2010 FINE CUT shows on Thursday nights at 10:00 pm throughout the month of May. You can also learn more about the filmmakers and stream many of the short films at kcet.org/finecut.

Last week, at a special screening event at the Vista Theater, we celebrated the directors from UCLA, USC, CalArts, Loyola Marymount University and California State University. Everyone gathered on the historic KCET lot and walked down the block to the beautiful Art Deco gem, The Vista Theater.

After the screening, the filmmakers, as well as KCET members who traveled to Silver Lake from all over southern California for the event, and Jack Larson (whose Bridges/Larson Foundation has underwritten the 13 years of KCET's Fine Cut series) returned to the KCET lot after the Vista screening for an afterparty.

Jack Larson and I had a great time walking around and talking to the filmmakers, who were all eager to meet the famous actor and producer. Jack played Jimmy Olsen on the original "Superman" series on TV. Later in his career, Jack produced many famous movies with his late partner, director Jim Bridges: among the credits, "The China Syndrome"; "Urban Cowboy"; and "Paper Chase".

During the party, Jack and I presented one of the filmmakers with the 2010 KCET Fine Cut Audience Award. The voting was close and I'm happy to announce that UCLA student Sharon Hill won for her incredible drama "Shades of Gray." Here's Jack Larson with the filmmakers who made it to our event (a few were out of state) and a photo of Jack with Sharon Hill.


I invite you to sit back, open up the popcorn and your favorite beverage, and enjoy FINE CUT on KCET Thursday nights at 10:00 PM or online at kcet.org/finecut.

Let me know which of the sixteen films is your favorite.


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