KCET to Broadcast Al Jazeera English & Other World News Outlets on its Main Channel

Starting at 3:00 pm this afternoon, KCET will bring viewers up to date on the continuing crisis in Egypt and the Mideast. As more than a million protestors gather in Cairo's Tahrir Square, embattled President Hosni Mubarak announced today he will not run for re-election next fall.KCET will offer a number of different perspectives from around the globe on this breaking new story - from the BBC World News in London - IBA News in Tel Aviv - NHK Newsline in Tokyo - Russia Today in Moscow and Washington, D.C. - and Al Jazeera English in Washington, D.C.

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The February 1 news lineup is as follows:3:00 pm BBC World News3:30 pm IBA News4:00 pm Al Jazeera English News4:30 pm Russia Today5:00 pm BBC World News5:30 pm NHK Newsline6:00 pm BBC World NewsThe photo used on this post is by Flickr user Floris Van Cauwelaert. It is used under a Creative Commons License.

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