KCET's Continuing Coverage of the Egyptian Crisis for Los Angeles Area Viewers (Updated)

[Update: KCET is also streaming Al Jazeera English News online. Watch it here.]KCET will continue airing global perspectives on the crisis in Egypt over the course of the next several days. Despite Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's announcement yesterday that he will step down in September, protests not only continue - but have escalated into clashes between anti-government protestors and pro-Mubarak supporters. Journalists, accused by pro-government forces of supporting and promoting anti-government protestors, have been attacked.At 11:00 am PT, KCET HD will air a live half-hour Al Jazeera English report.This afternoon, KCET continues its coverage with broadcast international newscasts from BBC World News in London; IBA News in Jerusalem; Russia Today from Moscow and Washington, DC; NHK Newsline in Tokyo. The expanded news block begins today at 3:00 pm.The photo on this post is by Flickr user Nasser Nouri. It was used under a Creative Commons License.