New Episodes of 'Father Brown' Continue in August on KCET


"Father Brown" fans, rejoice! All new episodes from season three of everyone's favorite Kembleford detective continue through August on KCET.

"Father Brown" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. It will also be available to stream online for two weeks (for L.A. Designated Market Area residents) concurrent to its on-air broadcast. You can watch the full episodes here.

What mysteries lie ahead for our kindly cleric this August? Check out our show details below:




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August 2 "The Lair of the Libertines"




Father Brown and his friends find themselves stranded with a group of hedonists. They soon become desperate to escape, for at Hotel Cuba -- the dish of the day is death.



August 9 "The Truth in the Wine"




When a body is discovered in a vineyard, Father Brown must search for the murderer amongst a group of suspects all seeking to reinvent themselves.



August 16 "The Judgement of Man"




Father Brown becomes embroiled in an audacious art heist masterminded by his adversary Flambeau, who intends to use the priest and his friends to help him settle an old score.



August 23 "The Time Machine"




Father Brown visits Jacob, who is determined to prove that a member of his family killed his father a year ago by using his new invention -- a time machine.



August 30 "The Standing Stones"




A death at the stone circle of a polio-stricken village leads Father Brown to conclude that dark forces are at work and that another sacrifice may be imminent.

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