New Episodes of 'New Tricks,' 'Father Brown,' and 'DCI Banks' Premiere on KCET in June


New episodes of "Father Brown," "New Tricks," and "DCI Banks" are coming to KCET in June! The wait is over as everyone's favorite characters return in new episodes of these acclaimed shows.

Don't miss season three of "Father Brown" starting June 14, opening with Father Brown becoming entangled with MI5. For fans of "DCI Banks," season three continues on June 7, and season four starts the following week on June 14 with the team uncovering a world of prostitution and drugs during an investigation. And make sure to catch season eleven of "New Tricks" starting June 1, which finds the UCOS team searching for a rapist-turned-murderer.

All three shows will also be available to stream online for two weeks (for L.A. Designated Market Area residents) concurrent to its on-air broadcast.

See show details below:


"Father Brown"



"Father Brown" Sundays at 8 p.m.



June 14 "The Man in the Shadows"


Father Brown finds himself embroiled with MI5, which puts Lady Felicia in a compromising position. To protect secrets in her own past, will she betray her friend?

June 21 "The Curse of Amenhotep"

After Sir Raleigh's new bride insists on seeing his Egyptian mummy, her dead body is found in a locked room. Father Brown investigates -- has Amenhotep risen from the dead?

June 28 "The Invisible Man"

The circus brings death to Kembleford when a clown is murdered. Father Brown must determine who the killer is and why a parishioner has agreed to marry the sinister wizard Welkin.

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"DCI Banks"


"DCI Banks" Sundays at 9 p.m.


June 7 "Bad Boy"


DCI Banks' daughter is abducted. When he receives an offer to help Banks get his daughter back, the detective finds himself contemplating breaking every rule he has ever stood for to meet the demands. With Helen's career seemingly in the balance, his daughter threatened and his relationship with Annie close to breaking point, what lengths will DCI Alan Banks go to to keep his family together?

June 14 "What Will Survive"

A young Estonian woman is found dead on a piece of waste ground, suspected of being buried alive. As they piece together her movements, the team uncover a world of prostitution and drugs hidden behind a respectable veneer.

June 21 "Buried"

A husband and daughter struggle to come to terms with their grief when the body of their wife and mother is found washed up by an underground river. Banks and Helen believe that the family are hiding something when her daughter makes up a story about her mother recently falling down the stairs, and adds details about a family argument over her conduct and faith.

June 28 "Ghosts"

The body of a university undergraduate is found dumped in a ravine, stabbed with a screwdriver. His flatmate says he was the quiet type. As the team piece together his movements, a picture emerges of a young man who was infatuated with a lap-dancer and who was manufacturing ecstasy for a local club owner.




"New Tricks"


"New Tricks" Mondays at 8 p.m.


June 1 "The English Defence"


As they investigate the murder of interpreter Agnes Bradley, the UCOS team receive a partial DNA match from a teenage boy who once threw a brick onto a motorway. They talk to the boy to try to fond out if one of his male relations could be the murderer, only to find out that his mother was raped, and they could be looking for a rapist-turned-murderer.

June 8 "Breadcrumbs"

Ellen Barker is murdered, a cold-crime enthusiast. At her home, a photo of Dan Griffin is found, so he is the prime suspect. The team soon find out the pair were friends. Sasha comes into contact with DCI Grace Mackie, a ex-colleague from their Hendon training, to help them tackle the case.

June 15 "The Queen's Speech"

A time capsule is dug-up and is found to contain the cassette tape made by a murdered schoolgirl in 1983. The UCOS team interview Amy's best friend, as well as the current headmaster. Dan discovers that the tape was made for the Queen and was intended for broadcast only in the event of a nuclear war.


Top Image: "Father Brown"

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