Now Screening Online: 'Kansas City Confidential'


Every Saturday night, KCET airs a new Classic Cool Theater package. It's a movie, a vintage cartoon, a newsreel and an of-the-era musical number. This week, the main feature was the film noir "Kansas City Confidential," which first hit theaters almost 70 years ago.

In case you were out and about on Saturday night -- and aren't you popular, by the way -- you can still watch the entire Classic Cool Theater package online. And really, who doesn't love a good, suspenseful film noir?


  • For this week's feature presentation, click here.

  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater cartoon, click here.

  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater newsreel, click here.

  • For this week's musical number, click here.

  • And for even more historical background on all our past Classic Cool films, click here.



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