Now Screening Online: 'My Favorite Brunette'


Have you ever turned down the lights on a warm afternoon and let that Los Angeles sunshine stream through some half-closed Venetian blinds? Have you ever kicked up your legs on your desk and waiting for some talk drink of water to come walking through your office door?

No? Well, you should. It's really fun.

In this week's Classic Cool Theater film, "My Favorite Brunette," Bob Hope plays precisely this kind of film noir nut who's always dreamed of going on his own detective adventure. It's a loving parody of film noir tropes released back in 1947, when such films were doing big business. If you missed Saturday night's screening, you're in luck: The whole Classic Cool Theather presentation is available now, online. Hit the below links to see "My Favorite Brunette" as well as all the bonus segments that went along with our broadcast. Enjoy!

  • For this week's feature presentation, click here.
  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater cartoon, click here.
  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater melody, click here.
  • And for this week's Classic Cool Theater newsreel, click here.
  • And for even more historical background on all our past Classic Cool films -- and what L.A. was like when they hit theaters back in the day -- click here.

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