Now Screening Online: 'Suddenly'


If I said "that one Frank Sinatra movie about the political assassination," you'd say "Oh, right, 'The Manchurian Candidate." And most times you'd be right. Last Sunday, however, KCET screened a different movie that fits that fairly specific description, the 1954 noir thriller "Suddenly." And it's up and ready to be screened right now, along with all the components of our weekly "Classic Cool Theater" package. Hit the links below to see them!


  • For this week's feature presentation, click here.
  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater cartoon, click here.
  • For this week's Classic Cool Theater newsreel, click here.
  • For this week's musical number, click here.
  • And for even more historical background on all our past Classic Cool films, click here.



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