Relax on New Year's Day with a Six-Hour Marathon of 'The Migrant Kitchen' and 'Meals Ready to Eat'

This New Year’s Day, KCET is offering up six back-to-back hours of original programming that features some of Los Angeles’ most notable chefs and restaurants.

The special holiday programming will start on January 1 at 2:00 p.m. with the "The Migrant Kitchen," followed by KCET’s new series written, produced, directed and hosted by military veterans, "Meals Ready to Eat." "The Migrant Kitchen," explores Los Angeles' booming food scene through the eyes of a new generation of chefs whose cuisine is inspired by the immigrant experience. "Meals Ready to Eat" travels coast-to-coast and abroad exploring the foodie culture and gourmet culinary practices of the military-veteran community.

See the New Year’s Day special lineup below, or follow the links to watch the full episodes now.

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2:00 p.m.    The Migrant Kitchen Premiere Episode

the migrant kitchen hero

The Migrant Kitchen explores Los Angeles’ booming food scene through the eyes of a new generation of chefs whose cuisine is inspired by the immigrant experience. Featured in the episode: Eggslut’s Alvin Cailin, Providence’s Jorge Dugal, LASA’s Chad and Chase Valencia, and Claudia Armendariz of Chiles Secos at Grand Central Market.


3:00 p.m.    The Migrant Kitchen "Alta California" 

 Beet Pibil with Yellow Beet, Achiote, Pickled Onion and Bitter Greens. A dish from Ray Garcia's Broken Spanish | Courtesy of Life & Thyme

A collective of culturally connected chefs (including Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Wes Avila of Guerilla Tacos, Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria, as well as Jorge Gaviria of corn purveyor, Masienda) are working to elevate not only the food, but what people of their heritage can achieve in the food business.


3:30 p.m.    The Migrant Kitchen "Badmaash"

Chicken Tikka Poutine | Courtesy of Life & Thyme

Like carefully selected spices to a classic Indian dish, each Mahendro family member contributes something special and significant to their restaurant Badmaash and to the City of L.A.


4:00 p.m.    The Migrant Kitchen "Omotenashi" 

A dish from Wolfgang Puck using fresh fish from Seiichi | Courtesy of Life & Thyme

Echo Park’s Tsubaki, Sonoko Sakai, Wild Live Seafood and Spago Beverly Hills all aim to introduce Angelenos to the unique spirit of Japanese hospitality and the culture’s deep culinary customs.


4:30 p.m.    The Migrant Kitchen "Beyond Pho" 

Cassia's pot au feu | Courtesy of Life & Thyme

A group of chefs in Los Angeles (including Cassia’s Bryant Ng and Kim Luu-Ng, Diep Tran of Good Girl Dinette, and Minh Phan of Porridge & Puffs) are hoping to demonstrate that there’s so much more to Vietnamese food than bahn mi, spring rolls and pho.


5:00 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "Natick and Fort Lee" 

A still of soldier eating a Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) ration

Meet the scientists and chefs working to ensure the health and wellbeing of our nation’s finest. Host August Dannehl and fellow veteran Mike Williams, Executive Chef of West Hollywood restaurant Norah, transform the military’s utilitarian ration MRE into a “Jambalaya Risotto with Duo of Duck.”


5:30 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "Darling Farm and 10th Mountain Whiskey Brigade" 

Still from 10th Mountain Whiskey Brigade Meals Ready to Eat

Visit former Army Ranger Jon Darling’s farm and 10th Mountain Whiskey, a craft distillery that honors the World War II Army division. West Hollywood’s The Nice Guy Mixologist Matt Seigel makes a “Lamb-Infused Whiskey Cocktail” and a “Braised Lamb Belly with Sour Cherry Compote.”


6:00 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "CIA and Petit Trois" 

Still of Petit Trois plates from Meals Ready to Eat

See the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and spend time with Chef Ludo Lefebvres’ lieutenant, Will Marquardt, Army veteran and Chef de Cuisine at French bistro Petit Trois in L.A. Top Chef Master, CIA veteran and owner of L.A. restaurant Redbird, Neal Fraser demonstrates a refined technique.


6:30 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "Okinawa and Guam"

BBQ in Guam | Still from Meals Ready to Eat
BBQ in Guam | Still from Meals Ready to Eat

Travel across the Pacific to Okinawa and Guam where the U.S. military has been a strong influence for decades. Top Chef winner Mei Lin explores the fusion of Asian and American flavors with her “Island Congee with Coconut Milk-Braised Pork Shoulder.”


7:00 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "Coast Guard and Philly" 

Coast Guard. Still from Meals Ready to Eat

Visit with Coast Guard cook Arianna Gunn and South Philadelphia Fire Department resident chef and Marine veteran Bill Joerger. Holly Jivin, Chef de Cuisine at The Bazaar by José Andrés at the Beverly Hills SLS, prepares the restaurant’s signature interpretation of a “Philly Cheesesteak.”

7:30 p.m.    Meals Ready to Eat "Israel" 

Still from "Meals Ready to Eat." Olive farm in Israel.

Journey to Nablus in The West Bank and the streets of Tel Aviv in search of food that brings people together. Tim Hollingsworth, Executive Chef at downtown L.A. restaurant Otium, cooks up a “Dry-aged Beef Tartare with Yogurt Mint Bulgur” inspired by his wife of Palestinian and Iraqi descent.

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