Should Highway 62 Become the Huell Howser Highway?



Fans of the late Huell Howser may be interested to know that there's a petition making the rounds to name Highway 62 in Howser's honor. The road is officially known as California State Route 62, and it stretches east-west from the Arizona border to Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, where Howser was living when he died on January 7, 2013.

The petition was started by Twentynine Palms magazine The Sun Runner. The accompanying text reads in part,

Huell Howser may be gone, but he's definitely not forgotten. Huell, who truly was "Mr. California," with his shows "California's Gold," "Road Trips with Huell Howser," and others, remains a friend to all that is good in the Golden State. ... Route 62 is ideal for this designation as it runs from Palm Springs (where Huell had a home, and where he died earlier this year), through Twentynine Palms, where Huell had a home and a wonderful relationship with the community. It is our intent to remember this wonderful man who spent so much time on the road discovering and sharing the best of California with his own road -- the Huell Howser Highway.

To sign the petition, click here. Read the petition text here.


Photo by Flickr user Quinn Dombroski, under a Creative Commons license.


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