Spoiler: Some 'Doc Martin' Season Six News!


It's right there in the headline, so if you've made it this far, you're entering "Doc Martin" spoiler territory at your own risk.

With the distinct possibility that the sixth series of "Doc Martin" may be the last ever, you have to wonder if the creators may be trying to tie up some loose ends. That may have prompted a bit of location scouting news reported recently in the U.K. Express: a church has been chosen for Martin and Louisa's wedding. The 12th-century church, St. Nonna's, will probably look familiar to "Doc Martin" fans, however, because it's also where Martin and Louisa failed to get married back at the end of season three. So, in the end, this is only a potential spoiler, and there's every reason to guess that the couple's second trip to the altar will also end badly.

The takeaway? Season six is happening. We'll post any other notable news as we hear it. And click here to read our last round-up of season six tidbits.

Meanwhile, whet your appetite for all things Portwenn with this Daily Mail interview with Selina Cadell, the actress who plays nutty Mrs. Tishell on the show and who proclaims that "being plan has been pretty good for me." Also, she's best friends with Sigourney Weaver. That's.... surprising, right?

Watch KCET's "Doc Martin" behind-the-scenes series, filmed on location in Portwenn, a.k.a. Cornwall, England.


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