Sunday Evenings on KCET now Include 'The Artist Toolbox' and 'The Write Environment'

I'm excited about two series about the creative process airing Sunday nights on KCET HD.

The first series is "The Artist Toolbox," a weekly program that debuts this Sunday at 8:00 P.M. Host John Jacobsen, who has a charming talent for coaxing insights and candor, takes us into artists' homes, their places of work and brings us into the world of each master talent. Prodigy pop-classical crossover violinist David Garrett is the focus of this Sunday's episode:

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If you've ever wondered about the talented men and women responsible for some of the most successful television series and movies ever, stay with KCET HD for Jeffrey Berman's terrific weekly series "The Write Environment." The weekly hour-long program is moving to a new night starting Sunday, February 6 immediately following "KCET Presents."

On a personal note, I admire writers and their craft as I've had the privilege of knowing and sometimes working with some of my favorites. Each of novelist Alice Hoffman's 18 books are a gem. I got to work with Alice when she adapted Cyra McFadden's aching memoir "Rain or Shine." Cher, whose production company I headed at the time (another story for another time) was to have starred in the movie. My longtime friend James Duff is the creator and executive producer of the "The Closer." Cable network's biggest series has two big things going for it: a great case and also the words and stories James creates. I've spent hours with James and Alice over the years and marvel at their modesty about what has put them at the top of their fields.

Jeffrey has a wonderful knack for drawing out insightful stories from leading television and film creators. This Sunday, Jeffrey interviews Damon Lindeldof, the co-creator and executive producer of one of the most successful television series ever -- "Lost."

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