The City that's No Longer Here

KCET will air an upcoming special in June it's acquiring from award winning producers Saul Gonzalez and Isaac Mizrahi.

"Things That Aren't Here Anymore 3" follows the tradition of popular specials about Southern California's past. Created by the producers of the original "Things", the show will explore and celebrate beloved Southland places of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s.
Here's an open call for your help. I hope you agree this promises to be a lot of fun.


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Do you have vivid memories of favorite music clubs, restaurants, hangouts, stores, and family attractions that helped to define the era? Just as important, do you have photos and other material related to those places? If so, please contact producers Saul Gonzalez and Isaac Mizrahi at things3@kcet.org; or leave them a message at 747.201.5401.

Possible stops on the journey could include legendary music venues such as The Starwood, Pandora's Box, The Masque and The Golden Bear; coffees shops, drive-ins and diners like Ben Frank's and Tiny Naylors; and family attractions like Orange County's Japanese Garden and Deer Park, Marineland and Flipper's Roller Rink.


We know people have fond memories of these things that aren't here anymore and countless others places, so share the nostalgia and send Saul and Isaac your ideas.

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