The Doctor's in the house

If you're a KCET patient (viewer) of Doc Martin, we love you and love that you love the series as much as we do.

But if you're not - take a look at one of the smartest and funniest comedies on TV. Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as a caring but dispassionate politically unsavvy physician who winds up in Portween after leaving his successful London practice. It's not that he'd planned on working in the idyllic seaside village. He had to leave his medical practice in London once he developed an extreme fear of blood. And for a doctor that's more than a little problem.

Martin Clunes is brilliant in his portrayal of the GP who is seemingly detached from his patients.

The show was created by Domnic Minghella, whose late brother was Anthony - the director of the recent drama The English Patient. In another family connection, the Doc Martin series is produced by Phillippa Braithwaite, Martin Clune's wife.

Tonight's episode airs at 8:00 pm; it repeats Saturday at 9:00 pm. Give 30 Rock and American Idol a night off and head to KCET. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Here's a preview of tonight's episode titled "Aromatherapy".

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