This Week on 'Visiting' -- Pita, Lint Art and the L.A. Hall of Justice


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Monday @ 7:30PM -- "Pita Bread"

It all started at Huell's dry cleaner and a sandwich made with pita. He wanted to learn more about this wonderful flatbread, so he visited a pita factory to learn all about the art of making this ancient food. And yes, this delicious adventure ends with a pita-based feast.

Tuesday @ 7:30PM -- "Lucky Baldwin College"

Lucky Baldwin was one of the great characters of Southern California history during the late 19th century and early 20th century. He was a pioneer and real estate tycoon who owned the land that would become Arcadia, Monrovia and Baldwin Hills. Huell visits the Queen Anne Cottage at the Los Angeles Arboretum, which was built on his former property in 1885, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


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Wednesday @ 7:30PM -- "Lint Art"


Huell visits his artist friend Slater Barron to witness the beauty of art made from lint!


Thursday @ 7:30PM -- "Lindbergh Beacon"

Huell traces the history of the Lindbergh Beacon, which was discovered at a city warehouse in the 1990s, restored to its original glory, and now shines over downtown Los Angeles from the top of City Hall. We also revisit Huell's original segment on the Beacon, when Project Restore rededicated the Beacon in the LAX terminal after its 50-year absence.


Friday @ 7:30PM -- "Hall of Justice"

Since its doors opened in 1926 Los Angeles's Hall of Justice been the site for the city's famous and felonious. Bugsy Siegel, Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan have all spent time behind bars here. Join Huell as he tours this now-empty part of L.A. history

Saturday @ 5PM -- "Philippe's Update"

In this special one-hour episode, Huell revisits one of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Los Angeles: Philippe's, the home of the French dip sandwich. Family-owned, Philippe's is a true L.A. institution and was one of Huell's favorites!

Sunday @ 7PM -- "Bullocks Wilshire Library"

Huell revisits the beautiful Bullocks Wilshire building, which is now the home of Southwestern University's law library.

For more on the history of this building, read KCET Food's profile of it. And watch the episode over at Chapman University's Huell Howser archive.

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